Board of Education, District 5

School Safety

School safety is so important to maintain a conducive environment for growth and learning. As a student at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, I personally faced a situation where my personal sense of safety was threatened in an act of crime (theft) at the school. In the end, I was able to hold the individual responsible in court. I believe that school safety needs to be tackled in two ways: reactively and proactively. In the reactive sense, schools must hold the appropriate individuals responsible for crimes and injustices that are committed. Letting generally unacceptable behavior slide, under-reporting or discouraging reporting to maintain better metrics should not be tolerated. In the proactive sense, security measures should be in place for each school, depending on the different needs for different schools. Products like Text-to-Them (an anonymous crime reporting system) could be adapted in our schools to ensure safety as well. I would support programs like this to improve the safety in our schools, in addition to policy changes and new data analysis surrounding school safety.

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