Board of Education, District 5


America Reads*America Counts is a mentoring program that allows undergraduate students from the University of Maryland to go into 18 local elementary schools and work with children to help improve reading and math skills. Raaheela was a Partners in Print presenter and Office Staff Member within the program. While in Partners in Print, Raaheela went to conduct literacy workshops to parents and students 2 evenings a week. She also became an America Reads mentor and worked with students at Woodridge Elementary School 2 mornings a week in improving their reading skills.

Health Leads is an organization that help families find resources that they need like food, clothing, employment, etc. Raaheela held three positions with this organization: Program Coordinator, Campus Coordinator and Family Help Desk Advocate. Her responsibility in the Program Coordinator position revolved around aiding advocates in helping their clients. Since her entrance into that position, she led in efforts towards improvement of data quality through implementation of report cards, providing sustained individual feedback and check-ins, reforming reflection sessions and bringing new projects to the table. Raaheela’s responsibilities for the Campus Coordinator position involved recruitment, team-building and organizational presence on campus. In this position, she had the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and student groups to make direct change for Health Leads clientele.

The Peer Leadership Council is a student group that focuses on engaging students to become positive social change agents in their communities. Being a part of this group has allowed Raaheela to facilitate multi-day conferences like Maryland Leadership Conference and Turtle Camp, programs that empower students to be the best leaders they can be. Being a part of this organization has given her a better understanding of what it means to be a great, effective leader.

Consult Your Community is a pro-bono student-run consulting organization. Raaheela was a Business Analyst with this organization at the University of Maryland. She worked with a local business to help them improve different aspects of their business, ranging from marketing to efficiency to profitability.

As a Sunday School Teacher for girls aged 7-15 at Mosque Bait-ur-Rahman in Silver Spring, MD, Raaheela has taught a number of subjects, including religion basics, historical figures and comparative religions. She has currently shifted her focus to teach both boys and girls every week, headquartered out of a household in District 5.

The Alternative Breaks program at the University of Maryland, College Park allows students the opportunity to spend their breaks (summer, spring or winter) in an environment where they learn about a social issue while simultaneously doing community service. Through this program, Raaheela went to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to visit the Oglala Lakota Native American tribe in March 2014. There, she worked with students from across the nation with the non-profit Re-Member in skirting trailers, building ramps and bunk beds and delivering these goods to the local residents. This transformative experience prompted her to apply to be an Experience Leader. She co-led a Domestic Violence based trip to Knoxville, TN in March 2015.

LeaderShape at UMD is a club that Raaheela co-founded at the University of Maryland, College Park. After coming back from the 6-day leadership retreat hosted by the LeaderShape Institute in January 2014, she gathered a group of fellow participants to establish a registered student organization on campus seeking to empower students to become better leaders. She was the Vice President of Engagements for the club. As a working professional, Raaheela has gone back to facilitate the LeaderShape Institute in 2016 to assist in the growth and development of current students at the university.

Moneythink Maryland is a chapter of a national program that wishes to activate college youth to teach financial literacy to local high school students, creating a more aware millennial population. Raaheela is a co-founder and former President of the organization at the University of Maryland, which currently operates in classrooms at Northwestern High and Eleanor Roosevelt High in Prince George’s County.

The Court Appointed Special Advocate program in Prince George’s County allows citizens to work with neglected and abused children in the foster care system. Raaheela has been trained and appointed by the court system of Prince George’s County as a CASA. She currently works with a youth from Upper Marlboro, MD.


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